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The Prolonged Field Care Programme is a 4-day course aimed at medical professionals who are required to provide austere critical care in resource depleted and remote settings, where evacuation of patients, and casualties may be significantly delayed. The accepted definition of Prolonged Field Care, is “field medical care, applied beyond ‘doctrinal planning time-lines.’ Operationally, the sphere of care is applicable to students who may be providing far forward medical support in both permissible, wilderness/remote settings and non-permissible, high threat/adverse environments. Limitations in terms of equipment, logistics and sustainment, provide context to the planning elements of the course. Combined with education and enhancement of patient care skills, surgical skills, point-of-care diagnostics, nursing skills, documentation, trending and telemedicine, ultimately enhancing the student’s capability beyond the “Golden Hour”.


Introduction to PFC

Documentation & Trending

Airway Management Skills

Ventilator Management

RDCR & Blood Products

Surgical Skills Labs

 Operational Pharmacology

Extended Nursing Care

 Best Practice Clinical Guidelines

Medical Mission Planning

Logistics, Equipment & Sustainment 

FINEX (Course culminates in a 36-hour exercise)

Prerequisite: Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) or higher. Additionally, we will accept, non-medical personnel who have completed the TTLS Provider course or equivalent, such as a TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) course. The curriculum for non-medical personnel varies slightly. 

The 4 Day PFC course comprises of 2 Days classroom theory & skills labs, and 2 days of practical including a 36-hour FINEX. Transport to and from the practical simulation area, meals & accommodation are included (2 nights). 


Weather Permissible Clothing for 3 days | Sturdy Footwear | Rucksack | We provide the rest